Man Hiking in Nature

Our Philosophy

Get Green

We're all about ditching the usual concrete clad weekend and opting for adventures that put fresh air in your lungs and mud on your boots (if you're wearing any). 

With so much time spent under the pump we're firm believers that weekends were made for relaxing and adventuring in nature. Nothing gets us revved up more than getting out amongst it hiking, kayaking, exploring... and yes, kicking back around the fire with a beverage does count. Seriously, they did science. It counts.


Less is best.

Less work. Less stress. Less traffic. Less chocolate. 

(ok maybe this doesn't apply for chocolate)

But you get what we mean.

The less we need, the less we buy. The less we buy, the less we work. The less we work, the more glamping trips we can go on! 

It's so simple. Simplify your life. Minimise your shit. Get happy.

Give Back

It's no secret we here at PSC are a little obsessed with trying to save the planet. While we're still waiting on the call up from Captain Planet to join the Planeteers, we are trying to take little steps every day to help our environment, our community and those around it. 

So what are we actually doing, I hear you say?... well, I'm glad you asked.

1 - We're donating a portion

of all our 'Glamping Series' bookings to the insanely amazing local organisation 'Treading Lightly Inc'

2 - Through 'Greenfleet Australia' we've vowed to offset our emission for all of our out of area private events.

3 - We're collaborating with & supporting as many local businesses, festivals and events as we can (and we highly recommend you check em out too!).